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How to Create a WINNING Money Belief System in 7 Self- Empowering Steps!


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For Retooling Your Money Mindset from Dr. Joe Vitale

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  • Step 1 - Alter How You Think

    Limiting beliefs are like thieves in the night. And some of your beliefs are much more costly than others. The direction of your thoughts and the explanations you give yourself are extremely important in determining if you will attract or repel money. The first step to attracting money is to understand and alter how you think. In order to do this, you must address your underlying beliefs - and don’t think for one second that you can just skip over this step...

  • Step 2 - Give Without Expectation

    When you take an objective look at money and how it works, it can be really confusing. Those who have money seem to get more all the time – while those who don’t have money, experience struggle constantly. It’s as if there is some secret that the wealthy know that they aren’t telling anyone. There is a secret but it’s not how to accumulate
    money. In fact it’s not even about money. The wealthy know that if you chase money, it will always elude you. They also know that money has to circulate, meaning you are a conduit for money, not a receptacle.

  • Step 3 - Prosperous Spending

    A scarcity mindset is an active ongoing force in your life. When you focus on what you don’t have, don’t want, and don’t take pleasure in – all you get is more lack in your life. This is the gap in understanding. In order to get to where you want to be financially,
    you must understand where you are. Shifting your focus to where you want to be, rather than focusing on what you don’t have, shifts you out of the scarcity mindset into receiving mode.

  • Step 4 - Ask for Help

    Something eye-opening happened one day. I heard the term ‘Lone Ranger Syndrome’ at a networking seminar, presented by Donna Fisher and Sandy Vilas. They pointed out that I was just one person and if I continued with the attitude that I could do everything myself, then I wasn’t going to accomplish much. I had always felt that asking for help was a sign of weakness. But Donna asked, “When somebody asks you for help, how do
    you feel?”

  • Step 5 - Nevillize Your Goals

    In order to get where you want to go in life, you must be able to visualize the results. In several of my books, particularly The Attractor Factor, I write about the concept, “Nevillizing” your goals. It’s a word my friend David Garfinkel coined to explain an amazing process for attracting whatever you want – even money. “Neville” refers to Neville Goddard, a famous mystical writer. I’ve collected his books and even have autographed editions signed with his message, which is, “Assumption hardens into fact.” He believed that if you’re trying to attract money or anything else in your life, you don’t just say, “I want money. I’m going to attract money. I now have money.” You don’t say any of those affirmations. What you do is go to the end result and imagine what it would be like to have those things in your life right now. The process of ‘Nevillizing’

  • Step 6 - Think Like an Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs are not interested in having a business to create a job for themselves. They’re interested in creating value in as many areas as possible. This means that you will attract revenue in many ways. Some people refer to this as multiple sources of income. The beauty is that once you set it up, it doesn’t require much direct involvement on your part to keep bringing in revenue. Books are a good example of this. If you write a book, it sells for years, giving you an ongoing stream of income.

  • Step 7 - Help Your Community and the World

    If there Is one concept that I must get across to you it is that we are not alone. I don’t mean that little green men will land in your backyard, but that we as humans are connected to one another – and what we do, think and feel affects others. The seventh and final step to attracting money is caring for your community and the world as a whole.

The Power of Now

Have you ever noticed that just about every TV infomercial ends with a call to action? They all seem to say, “Don’t wait, act now!”


This phrase is just as applicable to you. Waiting to take advantage of an opportunity is a way to cheat yourself from attracting additional income.

Don’t put it off or put this book down and think, “That’s a great idea, I’ll work on it when I have time.” You already have time, but you’re filling it with tasks that aren’t really a number one priority.


There’s no better time than the present.
You’re 100% responsible for your life and peace of mind.

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